Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cobra Scales

I researched these on thottbot, to find a good spot to farm them, there was only 1 spot listed there, but I have discovered a new spot, an awesome spot :D

There is no agro from the other mobs around the ones I need to kill, so I'm literally up on this ridge, dong a full circle, and by the time I get back to the start they are re-poping, so its really awesome, I farmed 27 cobra scales in about 5 hours.....

My god is that worth it, 27 cobra scales is estimated at 350g....and I got 65 heavy leather by the end of it, so I'm going to stick skinning out for getting gold, and just farm exotic leather, like scales, and heavy leather and stuff, they sell for a lot on AH.....

Well 3 more cobra scales, and some more heavy leather, and I can concentrate on the other objects I need to get my LW up to 365 :D I'm probably going to keep farming up there till I get my heavy leather up, and basically just sell any excess cobra scales...

Also I found 8 green items, and had them DE'd and my pattern I found in the same spot yesterday sold for 310g, so I have over 500g in the bank now....and basically 350g worth of items haha....epic mount plz!

So I have to finish leveling my leatherworking from 350-365 I have remaining to collect....I think the next hard bit will be getting all that Primal Shadow, I may end up spending a bit of my hard earnt money here, just to speed things up....


Stylin' Purple Hat

125 Knothide leather
25 Heavy Knothide Leather

120 Primal Shadow
80 Zherva Leather
45 Rune Thread
3 Cobra Scales

Sell:1050 Gold @ 70g x 15

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