Friday, July 13, 2007

Kaz Epics

I did a run of Kaz last night, I just went mainly for rep I had 2k rep to go to get the next stage of my ring from Violet Eye.

We do Kaz in 2 stages, we do sort of the first half on Thursday night and then clear the second half on Friday night, so the bosses we get on Thursday are Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden of Virtue, The Curator, and we do the Opera Event, which has a random boss, last night was The Big Bad Wolf.....I landed 3 epics from these fights, I got my Big Bad Wolf Head, which is great for PVP, and I landed some decent healing gear from Maiden..

Anyway, 45 green items dropped, 3 blue items dropped and 3 epics from trash, just clearing the first lot of trash and killing these bosses, I have never seen anything like it every pull at least 1 item dropped....I've done entire runs of kaz and had maybe 3 items drop from trash all night...we had a nice epic cape drop, and some frost gloves drop, and I was yelling out loud in the instance to drop my ring, and it did !!

I also got to have the frost gloves, we had no frost mages in the run and I won the random roll for it...Frost Shock shammy FTW!!!

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