Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WOW Update

So, been playing a fair bit of WoW lately, much to my wife's dismay. I have 500g at one stage and decided to respec and by a shield I was after. I have 3 pieces of my wishlist already. I've updated the one on my PC I need to upload it to the net, will do that when I get home and post a picture of the shield.

I spent 100g and only had 400g remaining, I seemed to be quite stuck at the 400g mark for a while hey. Anyway I managed to get the 900g I needed to get my flying mount, I went from 400g to 840g in 2 days of farming and questing hardcore in Shadowmoon Valley. There is a section there with lots of blood elves that you need to kill for one quest, I camped that area for about 4 hours just farming them. Got 8 Arcane Tomes and 60 Sunfury Rings, which are rep for Scyer people, I'm Aldor, so I sold them all on AH. And made an absolute killing.

So Yeah I got my flying mount Ill post a picture, I've also had a crack at Arena, which is cool me and my Friend Piko made a group called Coldies, we were drunk at the time.....

But yeh I respeced to Natures Swiftness instead of the 3% CRIT totem for this, and it was good in the fact me and him could nuke 1 person dead in a 2v2 comp fairly ez, but in battle grounds I was getting less score per kill with NS then with my 3% crit totem, so I have changed back. I can still hit up arenas, I think maybe a 3v3 arena would be better with the build I have now though, but I havent tryed since I changed back to the 3% crit totem, its heaps better then NS for raids and instance though. Oh also I got revered with Centurion Refuge, so now I have my heroic key for steamvault and underbog and slave pen, gonna try and pull a group together tonight for it that will be really fun :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Stats and progress

Ok, so here is where I'm at with my toon, previously on my way to leveling to 70, I managed to rack up over 8k Hp and Mana, well I've lost stats in beetween dropping items and things for my different specs that I picked up, not only that but I've been saving like mad and haven't bought anything for ages now haha, have 400g, only 550g to go for my dumb flying mount.

Anywayz, I don't have over 8k hp anymore, but thats because I've been sacrafising that for critical strikes, because of my new build.

This is some of the quipment I've landed in the past week for my toon, all and all not bad, I've had a few chnats put opn em all, but yeh he's starting to rock out!


Done my 2nd Key Fragment for Kaz, fark Steamvault is easy as pie compared to Shadow Lab.... Didn't take long at all, didn't get any drops, but we pulverized through it in about 30-40mins....An awesome piece dropped for the rogue in our group though, I was truly amazed at how good it was, check out these stats....


I've done a bit of PVP since the respec, and its heaps of fun, took me a while to learn how to use my new spec, but now its wicked, I've been smashing up the BG's even topping the chart a few times.

This one BG I was in a group with another elemental shaman, with Totem of Wrath and also in the group with a Moonkin druid. Moonkin druids give you 5% chance to crit with spells, on top of my Wrath totem, which is 3%, and the cool thing I found out is that Totem of Wrath stacks, so the other elemental shammy dropped one aswell, which gave 2x 3% spell crit totems and a 5% crit aura from the Moonkin Druid. MY LIGHTING BOLT CRIT WAS UP TO 36% IT WAS INSANE.

Shouldn't take long to get either my lvl70 BG Shoulders, or save up to get a new Spellblade.....Yesterday I run into a room, and the 3 ally toons in there had under 2k hp each, I Warstomp'd and pop'd elemental Mastery, my +150dmg trinket dropped wrath totem for +101 dmg, and got chain lighting off, 3x killing blows......was pretty funny!