Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crazy crits....

I've bene building up full crit gear for my shammy, he has 13.75% crit chance at the moment unbuffed, with Wrath of air totem he has 16.75% crit, not I don't have much gear setup for my new spec, but its very exciting because the pictures of the crits I'm about to post are only going to get better and better as I get more geared for the spec.

My lighting spells also have an extra 11% critical strike chance on top of the 16.75%, so nearly 1 in 4 lighting bolts crit, thats 1 free spell every 4 spells, pretty much guaranteed. Whats really cool is when Lightning Overload proc's, boy can I dish out some serious damage when that happens. In the bottom picture, I have Mana Spring totem down, which ticks roughly 13 mana every 2 seconds, so all that damage happened in about 2 seconds time. Not that that happens every time but its very cool.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Shadow Labrynth down

I finally managed to get my first key for the Karazhan chain quest, I have done Shadow Labrynth 7 times and this time I finally got a full guild group, which pulvarized through it, I think its mainly the tanks that do it. Good tank, good healer good group, but in Shadow labrynth mainly, agro control is what its all about, so good tank meant me and the mage could go all out in DPS and we were all fine. We did the 3rd and 4th boss with no wipes in like 15minutes, and it took us 1.5hrs to get to the 3rd boss.

I managed to get a nice sheild from teh last boss aswell, called Silvermoon Crest Shield its not to bad, I need the +18 stamina enchant on it, but its pretty kool. Looks nice as well. Now I can finnally spend another 4 weeks trying to get a decent group to get my 2nd key fragment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Havent posted in donkeys years!

I know its been ages since I posted, alots happened I had my bux night, my wife had her hens night, I got married and went away on my honeymoon, I've changed spec 4 times in WoW and have finally settled with one, which doesn't really suit the website name any more. But you get that and I really CBF changing. Now I'll start from here and work backwards explaining how I liked and disliked the various spec's I tryed. I am now an Elemental Shaman, my build is 41/0/20.

I had a choise with my last point on to very good spells, I could put one extra point into Natures Swiftness in the restoration tree, a very valuable skill, saves my ass when fighting rogues in PVP, saves my ass when I need to fire a lighting bolt off to stop a mob running off and getting backup, saved my ass when running away from mobs and I need to ghost wolf quickly. Its a very very very good spell, I didnt pick it however, the reason for this is that it has a 3min delay between uses, and I put my talent point into getting a totem, which gives a 3% crit chance to the enitre party and I can drop it as often as I want.

Not only that but since tyhe latest patch they have made it so every crit I get, I get a free spell directly after this, this with a combination of 5 talent points into 10% of your totel intelect becomnig mp5, gives me roughly 198 mp5, with bad gear atm, I barely ever run out of mana, I've been getting +crit gear over basically all other gear for this reason, and with the build I picked I have 11% extra crit chance with my lighting bolts on top of my equipment and intellect which provied about 13% atm. Thats 24% crit chance to lighting bolts, overload is awseom when it procs, its not very often but I have managed to do 5k dmg from 2 lighting bolts and a 1.7k earth shock directly afterwards in battlegrounds.

My gear is bad, bad bad, I was not prepared for the change at all but I'm not changing again unless the shaman gets nerfed now. I was dual weild for a while, I picked to low dmg daggers and some AP gear and was doing madness kind of damage with it, but the reason I have changed from that is because in the last patch apparently they have made it so you can only proc one windfury every 3 seconds, which destroyed the idea of having quick wepons and thus I changed from dual weild, not only this but to fight in PVP or PVE you need to be up close and personal with the toon your fighting. Generally you take more damage like this, as elemental I can fire of 2 lighting bolts before the mob reaches me, so hes alot lower and dies quicker, so I have less down time.

As for Restoration, well that was great for raids, great for 5 man instance, great for any group activity except bg's cause its basically fend for yourselfs in those and is basically useless for everythign else, so I cann'd it. I have found myself, and my group doing alot better then me beind a healer, cause when I have a mage and a lock and a priest in the group with me, thats 4 casters and a warrior, we get +101dmg / healing from my Wrath of Air totem, and all +3% chace to crit with my fire totem. The priests heal harder, the mages, locks and me hit harder, mobs go down faster and its just generally alot better.

My toons got roughly +455 dmg with my wrath of air totem down and +16% crit with the crit totem down, my shammy gets +11% on top of that for lighting bolts. Each crit lighting bolt does beetween 2000-2500dmg a pop, each no crit does 950-1100dmg a pop. Ill get some screen shots of the damage thats being dealt, its very awseom. I still don't have my flying mount, and still don't have any epics, the guild is doing great in the Kaz raid, we are progressing fairly well, I still haven't managed to get past Shadow Labrynth, that instance is very very hard, you need a good healer and a good tank to be able to progress in here. I'll post more infomation about my progress when I get home.