Monday, November 19, 2007

Difference beetween PVP and PVE elemental build

I use 2 builds with my shaman, one for PVE, which is 41/0/20

PVE Build

and one for PVP, which is 40/0/21

PVP Build

This is all the difference beetween the two builds, yet it makes a huge difference in PVP....

4% less expensive spells - PVE
.8 second quicker shocks - PVE
10% less threat - PVE
9% more chance to hit - PVE
totem of wrath - PVE
15% less expensive totems - PVE
10 more yard range on totems - PVE

100% chance gain focus casting after being hit by melee or ranged crit - PVP
6% less chance to be crit by melee and ranged weapon - PVP
70% chance to avoid interupt while healing - PVP
25% more amour on critcal heals - PVP
.5 seconds quicker Healing Wave - PVP
natures swiftness - PVP

Basically, in PVP I use more mana, but gain survivability, in PVE I use less mana, loose survivability, and gain more group support functionality.

There isn't a huge difference beetween the two builds, yet a few simple features, like 70% chance to avoid interupt while healing, makes a massive difference in the way an opponent has to tackle your class.....

I like that the game can be so versitile from such a few small changes, it adds depth to the game, and keeps it interesting. What ever build you choose for your class adds a different perspective to the game, another class and build have to take into account.

2.3 is Big, Bigger and Better

2.3 is a great patch, by far one of the best they have ever done, it was looking like dreafully horrible patch to us elemenental shamans, but it has turned out fantastic.

Guild banks are quite cool, I'm a 375 LW, so I have been taking leather scraps and knothide leather, and turning it into Heavy Knothide leather for the guild. I will donate some gold toward it tommorow as well, I can really see that guild bank working out great in everyone's favour, it allows players within a guild to trasnfer gold quickly to one and other, or items and not even have to be in the same main city.

The new 48 hour auction house is fantasic, no more logging in once a day to check things, you can afford to sit back a while and collect money it is a fantastic idea.

Zul'Aman is a great instance, looks fantastic, plays well, and the boss fights seem to be more fun the Kara.

The new amoury, is alot faster, and alot easier to use, with guild bank instituted in to it it seems to be very very good.

The new WOW interface changes are very good, my wow seems to run 9x faster then before, even with out of date mods, and the incoorperated idea from some of the custom mod people consitently get is great.

I have recently respec'd to PVP shammy, to give it a whirl, and I'm enjoying PVP as elemental, I can't imagine a fully deck'd S2 elemental shaman atm, with 70% spell push back I can imagine they are quite unstoppable, which is good. They have pretty much bandaided the situation at the moment, allowing us to be on top at this point of the game, and even out in Black Temple, Hyjal, Sunwell Plateu, and WotLK with other casters.

Seeing I am at the stage of SSC/TK I feel quite strong at the moment, I have updated my wishlist with the new items I am wanting, I would love some of the new ZA gear, fantastic stuff, but I am trying to honor grind my way to the S1 mace when it becomes avalible, its another 78 dmg to my destructive powers, currently I stand at 759 nature dmg, and a consitent 80 with my trinket and 121 with totem down in PVE sitatutions. I suspect with my wishlist fullfilled I will be sitting on roughly ~1250 raid ready dmg.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Organising Raids

So, our guilds version of organising raids is to have an Absent forum, in which players give a reason if they can not make a raid.....

Then in the game the post a time people are meant to arrive, at an unknown location, to fight an unknown boss....

This is due to the fact that the guild doesn't know what encounter we can complete successfully, based on what players we have online at the given raid time....

Which I fully understand, without a pali tank we can't do x, with a druid tank we can do x, with no mage we can't do x, it makes sence, but its not very efficent...

In an attempt to rectify the situation I have started making threads on the forums we have so that people can /sign saying they will attend the raid tonight....I was hoping this would allow the Officers to say, we can do Gruul, Mag, Lurker what ever tonight because we know we have x,x & x....

Its still not a very good way of keeping track of the players though, if one can't get to the internet before the game, we won't know till raid time any way....

So I ask you, what does your guild do to keep track of what the next enemy you will conquor be, and how do you keep track of who will be attending prior to the raid actually starting???

God's of Zul'Aman

So 2.3 is out finally, 2.4 isn't far behind according to blizzard, so I'm looking forward to Sunwell Platuea, even tho I won't get a chance to get in there, but never mind.

Right so the state of the shaman is as follows, we bitch moaned and whigned enough, to get 2000 accounts banned for a few days, and over 5000 threads deleted from the forums resulting in 2 changes, for the better.....

No more DR on Earth Shock, and they are giving Elemental Shamans a 6% spell coefficent for free, for 1200 spell dmg, now I assume that spell coefficent raisees and lowers for every hundred odd spell damage above and below 1200....

Because they say that below 1200 spell dmg has been buffed very slightly, and anything above it recives a minor nerf, according to the forums, 1500 spell damage is roughly 0.5% damage reduction....

Which is fine considering we got no DR on Frost Shock, Earth Shock, and shitloads more MP5, and more chance of Overload Proccing :D

So overall I'm pretty happy, I did however here, that you can not use Elemental Mastery any more and get 3 critical hits from you Chain Lighting.....Not sure exactly what caused that, probably a full 5 elemental 5v5 team lol....

Anyway I have renabled my account, to have a crack at 2.3, and also because I've actually had some spare time on my hands lately....I got so busy last month, I always get busy in summer, places to go, people to meet.