Monday, November 19, 2007

Difference beetween PVP and PVE elemental build

I use 2 builds with my shaman, one for PVE, which is 41/0/20

PVE Build

and one for PVP, which is 40/0/21

PVP Build

This is all the difference beetween the two builds, yet it makes a huge difference in PVP....

4% less expensive spells - PVE
.8 second quicker shocks - PVE
10% less threat - PVE
9% more chance to hit - PVE
totem of wrath - PVE
15% less expensive totems - PVE
10 more yard range on totems - PVE

100% chance gain focus casting after being hit by melee or ranged crit - PVP
6% less chance to be crit by melee and ranged weapon - PVP
70% chance to avoid interupt while healing - PVP
25% more amour on critcal heals - PVP
.5 seconds quicker Healing Wave - PVP
natures swiftness - PVP

Basically, in PVP I use more mana, but gain survivability, in PVE I use less mana, loose survivability, and gain more group support functionality.

There isn't a huge difference beetween the two builds, yet a few simple features, like 70% chance to avoid interupt while healing, makes a massive difference in the way an opponent has to tackle your class.....

I like that the game can be so versitile from such a few small changes, it adds depth to the game, and keeps it interesting. What ever build you choose for your class adds a different perspective to the game, another class and build have to take into account.

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