Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hybrid Totem

So, I haven't played for a while, I enabled my account to test out a few features I read about in 2.4. Though I haven't been able to get the PTR to work.

I have renamed the site to Hybrid Totem, because once again I have respec'd now predominantly during TBC I have been Elemental, but I have bounced between all 3 specs, this latest one has come about because of a video I watched on the Shaman Forums.

I have spec'd 29/32/0, I have had fun in the past with this spec but with the new up coming changes in 2.4 I think the Ghost Wolf changes mainly will make this really enjoyable.

Also 2.4 no EM + NS, which hits elemental pretty hard, so with this new spec, no cooldowns. Tones of +dmg, quick lighting bolts. Stand back and cast, doing 1600-3200 lighting bolts. When the enemy gets close Fire Nova and Stormstrike.

I have prevented all healing until Eye of the Storm procs. And so far its been pretty good. Yesterday I got 26/3 in Warsong Gulch, and had a blast, the players didn't know weather to keep there distance or come up close to me.

I've also updated a Column with other shaman blogs, I enjoy reading about what other Shamans are doing through the game, and there ideas and thoughts about it. When I get home Ill link the video of the Shaman that inspired this hybrid change, and I figure if I spec either Melee, Resto, or Elemental, Shamans are still considered Hybrids so the name shouldn't have to change any more.

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