Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elemental Problems

From Nerf my Shaman*

So well, if this is true, it is the most, well, Elemental Shamans are messed up. There was debate on the blogosphere about how OP were Elemental Shamans with PI (Power Infusion: Spell damage and healing done increased by 20%.) in 5vs5 Arena. Specially after Inactive release some CLC videos where he has taken insane burst.

Having played Ele only during my Leveling, I don't know how much this nerf will impact for them in arena. But it's definitely a sad day for them.

Couldn't agree with him more, I leveled to 70 as Elemental, played through the PVE raids as Elemental, I took some hardcore convincing from the guild to even let me take a mages spot, after I was fairly geared, and they saw the potential damage I raised in the 5 man group I was in, and the DPS I was dishing out myself I got allot of spots.

But there is only ever one Ele sham per guild most of the time, why would you ever need more. The spec is one of the least played according to wow census, and since the changes in 2.3 I thought they had got us to a fairly balanced state.

Now 2.4 comes, we loose crit, burst,and gain nothing in return. If the reason for these nerfs are due to movies being made about huge crits from elemental shamans, that's a bad move.

For those that haven't seen the CLC Video here it is.

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