Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hybrid FTW

Since the changes of server and new equipment, this is what Happy now looks like.

With Wrath of Air down, Strength of Earth down, and Superior Wizard Oil on both weapons I can stand back and throw some really decent lighting bolts at people.

I have sacrificed, Lighting Overload, 5% Healing & Lighting Crit and Natures Swiftness, to gain nearly 150 damage with my totems down. I figure if I get some really decent PVP gear with more + dmg on it, my PVP mace as main hand, which isn't far off, and my off hand enchanted I could be hitting +1300 nature damage. I cast .1 second slower then before and get no Overload procs, but this is ripping pretty hard in Battle Grounds.

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