Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tier 4

I know this has been done to death but it gives us all something to marvle over, I reckon it'll take a while to reach this kind of standard in the game again. I just wish I could find a site that actually has a stats of the equipment listed and the set bonuses that will be given for 8/8 Tier 4, or what its even going to be named. Personally I found T1 (Earth Fury) gear to have better set bonuses then T2 (Ten Storms) gear, never had a chance to where any T3 (Earthshatter) gear, our guild made it to Prince in AQ40, thats as far as we went before TBC has been realeased.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stamina and Stats

I'm not exactly sure how this works, and everyone you ask seems to give you a different answer, so here I go. My character now has 466 stamina, with the spore buff you can collect from the spore bats in Zangarmarsh, yet he only has 6.7k hp, now I was asking the guild for reference on this, and 2 of our druids who are level 70 have roughly 370 stamina and have 7.9k hp. I don't think the game has a problem but I do how ever think that the difference between characters as far as who gets more stamina or intellect per point is not right, shouldn't it all be based on the same statistics. Surely someone with 600 stamina and someone with 500 stamina the person with 500 should have less, regardless of what class they play. I can understand a Tauren having more because of the racial bonus so I'm not disputing that, but It just doesn't make sense to me to build a game that doesn't have a baseline figure of an equal amount.

I checked out Allakhazam web page to have a look at the stats of different characters to how much hp they all have, but the site must be broken because people with less stamina are actually leading in hp, they are higher levels which made me wonder if the amount of stamina you receive per point per level increases or decreases. But all of this information remains hidden within the game builders, no one can give me an answer. And until blizzard actually explain how the game works no one will ever know. Guess Ill just keep collecting stamina and see what happens.

Level 64

I finally made it to level 64 last night, level 64 was a mile stone for my character and build, because it gave me that extra talent point I needed for 2 handed axes and maces. My poor Finkle's Lava Dredger had been sitting in the back for ages.

Level 64 Build
Level 70 Build

I hit this and also got to honored with Centurion Refuge last night, so I payed a visit to Fedryen Swiftspear the quarter master at Zangarmarsh and he had a staff for sale that does 72DPS, so I'm using that instead of my Finkle's Dredger at the moment but I'm sure a nice Axe or Mace will drop eventually, plus the stupid staff I got at the moment looks silly.

I've nearly completed all the quest in the area, the last Quest I have at the moment is from Watcher Leesa'oh where I need to collect mushrooms. I've got 4/15 before I logged off last night, so I'll chew through this and any other quests Watcher Leesa'oh might give me as a chain and then Ill head to Terrokkar Forrest, the only quests I'll have remaining in Zargamarsh will be the ones in the instance which I'll probably have a crack at at some stage near 65.

At 65 I'll probably try to farm the mats I need to make my Clefthide Leg Amour that I've been so longing to make :D My rested XP is about 3/4 way through 64 so hitting 65 shouldn't take long I reckon :P Either way I'm looking forward to it, a few of my guild members have already cracked the 70 mark. The rest of us need to start catching up so we can start having a go at some of the 25man instances :D

Monday, January 29, 2007

What About MC??

Been checking out a few WOW blogs around the place since I've got to work :P Found an interesting links, its a french group of players taking the piss out of how easy MC is expected to be as everyone levels up to 70, and if the actual Instance will ever get used again...


I don't really know how this is going to work personally, I think MC is still going to take a fair whack at 70, maybe 15 man instance at 70 instead of 40 man?? I guess time will tell.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Australia's Day

Well, had a wicked Australia's day. Haven't played much WOW. Did a couple of quests when I got home today and noticed that my rested XP was at 52%, so rested through to 64 and a half I think roughly. Probably won't play any WOW till Monday night. Updated the blog with some PIC's of Happypappy pre TBC and stuff.

First time we downed Prophet Skeram......
Pic of happy casting a heal.....
Happy on a boat....
Fighting a Devilsaur......

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slave Pen

I had a go at the instance called Slave Pen last night, with dire failure. I haven't had a read of the guide I've linked here because I'm at work but check it out. We had a lvl 65 Warrior, me lvl 63 Resto Shammy, 64 Hunter, 63 Lock, 62 Rogue, we managed to fight our way through the front of the instance until we came to a huge cavern. The first wipe was from Fears, now I hadn't run the instance before so I didn't realise they feared you. So after the first lot I dropped a tremor totem at the front of the pack to help with fear. It helped a bit but a pat came along and we ended up wiping, I don't know why but a small wipe like this on new content makes people mad, arguments broke out about who did what wrong instead of coming up with solutions about how to fix it. We all ran back because my ankh had 10min remaining before it was up again and we had another attempt.

This time after the arguments died down I suggested dragging the mobs back allot further, and we did that and killed a group, moved onto the next group which was the pat again and moved the group back again, but the pull didn't go to well and so we ended up with to many mobs and wiped again. From my short but valuable experience here I believe this instance has probably got allot to do with aggro control, the mobs hit really hard and you basically need the tank to be getting hit and no one else. Its hard enough to heal him alone then healing the lock and rogue and then the hunter and then myself at the same time.

I think after I hit 64 I'll try to pull a group together from my Guild to have a crack at this. There must be some decent gear in here if its this difficult, looks like fun, time consuming but fun never the less :D

Crafting Leatherworking

Well last night I went from 200,000XP through 63 to 440,000XP through 63, so I've got roughly another 200k to go until 64. I won't be playing WOW for the next 2 or 3 days because Australia's Day is on and me and the family are heading up to Perth to visit relies, get drunk, and generally have a good time :D

I found a site a little bit before TBC was released called Crafters Tome, absolutely awesome site it had most of the Jewelcrafting Recipes out before anything else and they only recently updated my Leatherworknig Recipes but there is some nice gear there that can be made. I've been eagerly waiting in WOW to hit 335 leatherworknig and honored rep with Cenarion Expedition to get the recipe for Clefthide Leg Armor, and then farm the mats to make some. Now silly me thought this was like any other amour kit that can be made in leatherworking, and so assumed you can put it on, gloves, chest, legs and feet. Turns out its only for the legs, guess I should of read the name of it properly.

Anyway it was late last night that I popped enough rep and leatherworknig skills to get this, so I went to Orgrimmar to get the mats to make some, four in fact, the leather isn't hard for me to gather up because I'm a skinner as well so I bought all the Primal Earth to make these. It ended up costing me roughly 200g to buy 12x primal earths. I still need to farm other mats and after realising that you can only make 1 for your legs I decided after buying the gear to ditch the idea for now and concentrate on leveling DAH!

So I'm trying to sell the primal earths I bought, I'll probably be lucky to make half of what I paid for them back, if I can't sell them at all I'll just wait and farm the mats and craft 3 of them and keep 1 of them for myself, hopefully I can sell from for 80g-120g each and cover the costs of it and make some gold back. I still don't have an epic mount on this character, I need to buy 150 riding skill. Now you know why.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Blog

Ok, so this is my first blog at Happy Shield, I'm at work atm so I'll work on the site more when I get home, but yeh this is a site my WOW character is called Happypappy, I play on Bloodscalp and am a lvl 63 Tauren Shaman, I picked Restoration tree so I have Earth Shield, thus the name for this site Happy Shield :D

Let me just say "hello" to anyone that may visit the site, looking forward to seeing your comments and chatting away to anyone who might get a kick from reading my blogs about the game. I've been commonly reading blog sites about WOW and will be linking them in my Links section, the most common and favourite of mine is by far Tobold's MMORPG Blog his blogs are always a good read.

Anyway I thought I'd give my own site a crack so here we go.