Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Level 64

I finally made it to level 64 last night, level 64 was a mile stone for my character and build, because it gave me that extra talent point I needed for 2 handed axes and maces. My poor Finkle's Lava Dredger had been sitting in the back for ages.

Level 64 Build
Level 70 Build

I hit this and also got to honored with Centurion Refuge last night, so I payed a visit to Fedryen Swiftspear the quarter master at Zangarmarsh and he had a staff for sale that does 72DPS, so I'm using that instead of my Finkle's Dredger at the moment but I'm sure a nice Axe or Mace will drop eventually, plus the stupid staff I got at the moment looks silly.

I've nearly completed all the quest in the area, the last Quest I have at the moment is from Watcher Leesa'oh where I need to collect mushrooms. I've got 4/15 before I logged off last night, so I'll chew through this and any other quests Watcher Leesa'oh might give me as a chain and then Ill head to Terrokkar Forrest, the only quests I'll have remaining in Zargamarsh will be the ones in the instance which I'll probably have a crack at at some stage near 65.

At 65 I'll probably try to farm the mats I need to make my Clefthide Leg Amour that I've been so longing to make :D My rested XP is about 3/4 way through 64 so hitting 65 shouldn't take long I reckon :P Either way I'm looking forward to it, a few of my guild members have already cracked the 70 mark. The rest of us need to start catching up so we can start having a go at some of the 25man instances :D

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