Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slave Pen

I had a go at the instance called Slave Pen last night, with dire failure. I haven't had a read of the guide I've linked here because I'm at work but check it out. We had a lvl 65 Warrior, me lvl 63 Resto Shammy, 64 Hunter, 63 Lock, 62 Rogue, we managed to fight our way through the front of the instance until we came to a huge cavern. The first wipe was from Fears, now I hadn't run the instance before so I didn't realise they feared you. So after the first lot I dropped a tremor totem at the front of the pack to help with fear. It helped a bit but a pat came along and we ended up wiping, I don't know why but a small wipe like this on new content makes people mad, arguments broke out about who did what wrong instead of coming up with solutions about how to fix it. We all ran back because my ankh had 10min remaining before it was up again and we had another attempt.

This time after the arguments died down I suggested dragging the mobs back allot further, and we did that and killed a group, moved onto the next group which was the pat again and moved the group back again, but the pull didn't go to well and so we ended up with to many mobs and wiped again. From my short but valuable experience here I believe this instance has probably got allot to do with aggro control, the mobs hit really hard and you basically need the tank to be getting hit and no one else. Its hard enough to heal him alone then healing the lock and rogue and then the hunter and then myself at the same time.

I think after I hit 64 I'll try to pull a group together from my Guild to have a crack at this. There must be some decent gear in here if its this difficult, looks like fun, time consuming but fun never the less :D

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