Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stamina and Stats

I'm not exactly sure how this works, and everyone you ask seems to give you a different answer, so here I go. My character now has 466 stamina, with the spore buff you can collect from the spore bats in Zangarmarsh, yet he only has 6.7k hp, now I was asking the guild for reference on this, and 2 of our druids who are level 70 have roughly 370 stamina and have 7.9k hp. I don't think the game has a problem but I do how ever think that the difference between characters as far as who gets more stamina or intellect per point is not right, shouldn't it all be based on the same statistics. Surely someone with 600 stamina and someone with 500 stamina the person with 500 should have less, regardless of what class they play. I can understand a Tauren having more because of the racial bonus so I'm not disputing that, but It just doesn't make sense to me to build a game that doesn't have a baseline figure of an equal amount.

I checked out Allakhazam web page to have a look at the stats of different characters to how much hp they all have, but the site must be broken because people with less stamina are actually leading in hp, they are higher levels which made me wonder if the amount of stamina you receive per point per level increases or decreases. But all of this information remains hidden within the game builders, no one can give me an answer. And until blizzard actually explain how the game works no one will ever know. Guess Ill just keep collecting stamina and see what happens.

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