Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crafting Leatherworking

Well last night I went from 200,000XP through 63 to 440,000XP through 63, so I've got roughly another 200k to go until 64. I won't be playing WOW for the next 2 or 3 days because Australia's Day is on and me and the family are heading up to Perth to visit relies, get drunk, and generally have a good time :D

I found a site a little bit before TBC was released called Crafters Tome, absolutely awesome site it had most of the Jewelcrafting Recipes out before anything else and they only recently updated my Leatherworknig Recipes but there is some nice gear there that can be made. I've been eagerly waiting in WOW to hit 335 leatherworknig and honored rep with Cenarion Expedition to get the recipe for Clefthide Leg Armor, and then farm the mats to make some. Now silly me thought this was like any other amour kit that can be made in leatherworking, and so assumed you can put it on, gloves, chest, legs and feet. Turns out its only for the legs, guess I should of read the name of it properly.

Anyway it was late last night that I popped enough rep and leatherworknig skills to get this, so I went to Orgrimmar to get the mats to make some, four in fact, the leather isn't hard for me to gather up because I'm a skinner as well so I bought all the Primal Earth to make these. It ended up costing me roughly 200g to buy 12x primal earths. I still need to farm other mats and after realising that you can only make 1 for your legs I decided after buying the gear to ditch the idea for now and concentrate on leveling DAH!

So I'm trying to sell the primal earths I bought, I'll probably be lucky to make half of what I paid for them back, if I can't sell them at all I'll just wait and farm the mats and craft 3 of them and keep 1 of them for myself, hopefully I can sell from for 80g-120g each and cover the costs of it and make some gold back. I still don't have an epic mount on this character, I need to buy 150 riding skill. Now you know why.

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