Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dual Gladiator Weapons

I've managed to get my second Gladiator Weapon, Shammy looks coll with both, Ill update Pics when I get home, with Druid and Shammy. Yesterday I did a Hallaa raid and that was awesome fun, have never done one before asides beating on the random alliance around when i see them.

I got myself 47 Tokens from one raid which is fairly huge, so I am working on getting a +10 Resilience gem for my efforts.

I joined a 5v5 and 3v3 arena team on Saturday, the 5v5 was a bit of a flop, we had to many variations of everything, Resto Shammy, Enhancement Shammy, Rogue, Mage, Paladin.

We aren't very geared though. We won 3/7 games. We have a rating of 1443 or something, now I'm no expert in arean groups, but I think groups that complement each other are more succesful, enhancement shammy, warrior and paladin, druid, rogue or hunter would work better I think.

All 3 DPS complement eaach other, shammy boosts warrior or rogue, hunter boost shammy warrior, pali & druid boost both.

In the 3v3 group we had more luck, resto druid, a really good one, and 2 enhancement shammys, it was a laugh seeing all the windfury procs, we won 8 and lost 2, but we went to 1576 and its not bd seeing my and the other enhancement shammy dont have bugger all resilience. Druid does the CC, Entagle Roots for melee, Cyclone for healers. And we beat down clothies fast.

Can heal, 2 sets of Bloodlust, 2 Shaministic Rage, 30% less damage when we are being ganged up on. Its pretty damn good. Oviosuly the more games & points we play the more gear we can get helps us win more. But as I was talking about before, the group complements each other, we are both melee DPS, so any clothies die quick, we have 2 sets of everything and Unleashed Rage is up all of the time.

Level 20 Druid

I managed to level my Druid to 20 last night, I now have Cat Form and Bear Form, I still need to complete my quest to get Seal Form.

I have one Half of my pendant required to complete the quest, the other half is on the other side of the world so I am working on getting a Deadmines group to get over there , get the pendant, get some XP and hopefully so loot.

I have been leveling with all my talent points in Balance at the moment, the idea of this druid is to be Moonkin, so I started this approach but think its probably best to level as Feral and swap later. However it will cost me 5g to respec and since this is my only character on the server that isn't going to happen for a while.

I'm enjoying the Druid, but leveling without the assistance of movement speed (Feral) and gold and Bags is very difficult.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Enhancement and Druid

I have changed my shaman to enhancement now, and have done a few raids and lots of PVP with it. I started with Dual Wield and have recently changed over to a 2h enhancement spec, my build is 0/37/24.

This is the most DPS I can get with that amount of points spent in restoration, I have been trying to increase my survivability in PVP.

Using Shamulator, I have come to the conclusion about DW vs 2h that DW is more sustainable DPS, and scales better, but costs more talent points to do so.

2H advantage is its amazing burst potential. Using the talent points available and the stats changed from DW to 2h this is the calculations I came up with.

Dual Wield
Low DPS 438-991 High DPS
Avg DPS 627 Weapon Mastery 0
Avg DPS 686 Weapon Mastery 5
Avg DPS 741 Full Spec
(More stable DPS, scales better.)
(Less burst damage.)

2 Hander

Low DPS 399-1162 High DPS
Avg DPS 638 Weapon Mastery 5
Avg DPS 694 Full Spec
(Unstable DPS.)
(Great burst potential. Less talent points req.)

So the main difference is that when I spec 2h only I have 5 points into Weapon Mastery, and you can see the difference in the avg that makes. And the major difference in burst.

This is one of things i like best about my shaman, I can change from Melee, to Caster to Healer at the drop of a button. And because of this I have rolled a Druid on Jubi'thos, I have a few work mates that created Alliance characters over there and since i have been Horde my entire WOW time I decided to give it a go, and am currently level 16 working on a Moonkin Druid, I figure I was Elemental Shaman I want to see the comparison between the 2 classes that are most closely matched. If I don't like it I can change to Feral I guess......Hybrids ftw :P