Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cobra Scales

I researched these on thottbot, to find a good spot to farm them, there was only 1 spot listed there, but I have discovered a new spot, an awesome spot :D

There is no agro from the other mobs around the ones I need to kill, so I'm literally up on this ridge, dong a full circle, and by the time I get back to the start they are re-poping, so its really awesome, I farmed 27 cobra scales in about 5 hours.....

My god is that worth it, 27 cobra scales is estimated at 350g....and I got 65 heavy leather by the end of it, so I'm going to stick skinning out for getting gold, and just farm exotic leather, like scales, and heavy leather and stuff, they sell for a lot on AH.....

Well 3 more cobra scales, and some more heavy leather, and I can concentrate on the other objects I need to get my LW up to 365 :D I'm probably going to keep farming up there till I get my heavy leather up, and basically just sell any excess cobra scales...

Also I found 8 green items, and had them DE'd and my pattern I found in the same spot yesterday sold for 310g, so I have over 500g in the bank now....and basically 350g worth of items haha....epic mount plz!

So I have to finish leveling my leatherworking from 350-365 I have remaining to collect....I think the next hard bit will be getting all that Primal Shadow, I may end up spending a bit of my hard earnt money here, just to speed things up....


Stylin' Purple Hat

125 Knothide leather
25 Heavy Knothide Leather

120 Primal Shadow
80 Zherva Leather
45 Rune Thread
3 Cobra Scales

Sell:1050 Gold @ 70g x 15

Monday, July 30, 2007

Leatherworking Aim

This is a layed out plan of what I want to do to reach 375 Leatherworking from 350 now, I don't really have a problem till I reach 370, where I need the rep to continue :D Then its on to farming mats for my set peices....


Stylin' Purple Hat

450 Knothide leather
90 Heavy Knothide Leather

120 Primal Shadow
80 Zherva Leather
45 Rune Thread
30 Cobra Scales

Sell:1050 Gold @ 70g x 15

Heavy Clefthoof Boots
100 Knothide leather
20 Heavy Knothide Leather

100 Thick Clefthoof Leather
20 Primal Earth
10 Rune Thread

Sell: 325g @ 65g x 5
Exalted Keepers of Time Rep

Drums of Panic
50 Knothide Leather
10 Heavy Knothide Leather

10 Primal Shadows

Sell:350g @ 70g x 5
Netherstrike Set
90 Knothide Leather
18 Heavy Knothide Leather

36 Primal Mana
36 Primal Air
3 Primal Nether
72 Nether Draonscales
Hurricane Boots
20 Knothide Leather
4 Heavy Knothide Leather

10 Primal Water
2 Primal Nether
6 Wind Scales
2 Rune Thread

710 Knothide Leather
142 Heavy Knothide Leather

100 Thick Clefthoof Leather
80 Zherva Leather
72 Nether Dragonscales
30 Cobra Scales
6 Wind Scales

55 Rune Thread

130 Primal Shadow
36 Primal Mana
36 Primal Air
20 Primal Earth
10 Primal Water
5 Primal Nether

Primal Air is going to be the hardest to collect, most of the enemys that drop this are immune to nature damage....Primal Nethers might also take a while to collect...

Epic Mount

I seriously don't know how I'm gonig to save enough for this mount, I spent 340g yesterday prepareing myself for the Raids on the weekends, I went from 390g to 60g, and figured cause I spent it all I might as well blow the last 60 to increase my LW quicker.....

Anyway I found an awseom place to farm Cobra Scales, which are worth 12g a pop, and I am using them to craft Purple, Styling Hat to increase my skill, its 350 at the moment, which i was doing that I found a Recipe: Teardrop Ruby its the +18 healing gem recipe, there was one for sale on Ah for 300-350g, so I put mine for 275-325g, that will help me get my gold back up, I'm gonig to try and do the quests I have left in Netherwing, and see if I can rake up 1kg before this weekend...

I won't need to spend as much gold in this weekends raid, because I have a shitload of mana pots left that was the most expensive bit :D I'm still heading there, but the road is tedious :(

Thursday, July 26, 2007


So I've been hammering quests like mad! I've decided that if I'm ever to get an epic mount and afford my raiding habbits in WoW I'm going to need to just QUEST QUEST QUEST.....I've currently got 330g in the back, this is from 4 hrs of questing in total, 2hr on Tuesday, 2hrs on Wednesday, it's nearly 100g an hour...I won't get any time tonight or friday night, might get some time on Saturday, but pretty much any money I make on Saturday will go towards pots and consumables for Sundays riad, Mag / Lurker / Void hopefully in one hit, and then off to another mob in SSC, to practise...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waste of Time & Money

So I crewed 75g last night when I logged on, because I had sold some gear on AH, I thought I'd respec to PVP for a while haven't done that in a while and have some fun doing that.....I wasn't till after i spent the 50g to respec that I realised how crap PVP as a shaman is, no cc means when more then 1 person targets me at a time, I die.....great, this is really just great in Battlegrounds...

Anywayz I got annoyed and wanted to respec back, but I had to earn 25g to respec back, so I started farming, took ages, got invited to slabs, died 9 times finishing the bloody thing, got my 25g I needed for a respec, but now I'm -26g for repairs anyway....

Oh the joys of shaman, not only that once I have repaired I will have to spend at least 100g on flasks, mana pots and other things for raiding this weekend...and have extra gold for repairs...I need to work out exactly what Daily quests I can do, and just do them every single day....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Overall Aim

I have done a bit of PVPing, for just a few laughs, I'm speced completely for raids, and I tend not to have any trouble killing and staying alive in most battlegrounds, I don't have an incredible amount of +dmg or +crit and I still tend to down people quicker then they kill me, especially if I keep my distance, on that note I can't imagine what a good player, with good gear would be like as elemental....

While I was doing this, I though exactly that, I wonder what I'll look like if I complete my wishlist, which to be honest can't be that far off, and when its done I'll make a new one aiming at better higher gear...I reckon Happy looks pretty cool :D Got to love dressing room! Be nice to spec PVP once I got all this gear and have a crack, with all of this I'll barely run out of mana and have at least 22% crit and 800+ dmg unbuffed :D

This is a diagram of the stats I have now, compared with the stats I would have with a full wishlist, I did this in Excel, its just a screen shot, red is less, blue is better, its pretty straight forward :D These stats are the new items buffed with the same enchants, and green gems you buy from AH, as I get better gems they'll be better oviosuly, but because I can't get them right away I just added based on putting green gesm in...


I have gotten past Rugged Leather thank god, now I can seriously make some gold back, I've been farming Clefthoof, because they dropped Rugged which I need to increase my Leatherworking and also drop Thick Clefthoof Leather, which is virtually a gold mine...

I can sell 3 Thick Clefthoof Leather for 4g a pop, and they sell quick, its very cool :D Also the mobs drop Clefthoof Meat, which can be turned into +str good, which I believe rogues, and warrior buy for PVP and Raiding, so they are selling for 4g a stack of 20, and also selling quick so its not to bad at the moment....

I did some research when leveling my Leatherworknig past 300, and found that I can farm Yeti in Winterspring very easily, they have a quick respawn and there is lots of them, so that's how I managed to farm Rugged so quickly, its funny pulling 15 mobs to you and nuking them down or dropping your fire elemental....

My damage and crit are fairly awesome now, I barely get hurt so I'm not having to stop very often to drink or eat, this is what tends to happen when I pull a mob in my combat log haha..

Lurker Down

Wow, seems as if Calefe is completly unstoppable at the moment, if we keep up a new boss every week our progress is going to be crazy, I have a feeling however that next week, we will be just trying to get them smoother, Mag, Lurker, Void in sequence would be nice, then we may be able to attempt another boss....

We spent a long time on Mag, much much longer then we were meant to infact, we learnt and killed Lurker quicker then we did Mag, and we have already killed him before twice, so I'm not sure exactly what happened, think there was a few unlucky mistakes, one including myself having the internet die on me.....Mag dropped double T4 Token for Warlocks, Mages, Hunters & the same Belt as last week, and his Head.

Lurker's drops don't impress me all that much, there really isn't anything I need from him, I'm keen to do Fathom-Lord, I think we are having a crack at him next week, but I'm not sure...the fight sounds fairly fun also, but yeh he drops Shammy trinket which adds significant mana back, and an awseom crit trinket...

I nearly rolled on the boots, they are more +crit and more +dmg then what I have now, I loose stats though, but thats not a problem, though my leatherworknig is at 330, I've got 45 more to increase with it and I can just craft my boots pattern that dropped in SSC....so I don't really need it....I'm very impressed with Quartz, and have basically filled up my entire Macro tray, I have a /stopcasting /cast for nearly everything lol, so that Quartz can be as effective as possible....considering my ping goes beetween 250-900ms, its been very useful , and it has increased my damage very very well....I got 3rd on DPS for Lurker, Lurker is a no agro ranged fight, which makes it awseom for me, I can go all out....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Void Reaver Down!

Well Calefe is on a war march, we did Mag again this week, proves it wasn't a fluke, we ventured to SSC afterwards, take a look at trash and have a look at the bosses....And while we were donig trash got some "Shineys"...I have dropped miming to take up leatherworking again, because of the fact we are venturing to SSC and TK, and the fact that recently leatherworknig has had new recipes, and may not be to bad after all...While we were doing trash in SSC, the Hurricane Boots pattern dropped...

This isn't my only choice for going leatherworking, I can level it up to make Netherstrike gear to, which is kind of like the elemental shaman Spellstrike set that mages get...Anyway I went from 0-240 leatherworknig yesterday alone. I may have to start farming leather soon though as it approaches Rugged Leather on the AH gets to costly....

Anyway, mag dropped, the Warrior/Druid/Priest T4 chest token, Mage/Warlock/Hunter T4 chest token....the same healing staff as last week...some Warrior Waist, and his head like last week, mages not really that bad, get a heap of epics from one person....

We ventured to TK after Mag, and after about 2 hr's of attempts on him, the first respawns where happening we killed him, we did 40%, 28%, dead...it was pretty cool, we were about 20 seconds from enrage timer when we got him, the raid was made up mostly of ranged DPS because thats the easiest way to kill him...we had one Rogue, and the rogue trinket dropped, lucky Tact....I only rolled a 48 on the T5 Shoulders, and Regoz won the roll with an 89...gratz Regoz..

This is what happy would look like with shammy t5 shoulders, I actually think the T4 shoulders look better, in a way I would rather have the T4 shoulders and chest, to get the 4 peice set bonus, but the T5 have such nice stats.....the bonuses are pretty lame though..

This is a few screenys of Void down :D And our group standing round :D It took about 2 hours from the start of TK to kill Void, maybe Ill win the T4 or T5 shoulders next week :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Build / Pure Raid Spec

Ok so I posted a couple of weeks ago explaining about the different builds I'm always doing for raids / pvp and arena entitled Poor Shammy, I did a a bit of research on the net of Shammy builds and have manipulated one to suit me really well...

I figured as much that if I don't generally heal myself while questing / raiding then I don't need 5 points in reduction of loosing cast time while healing..So my new spec is 41/0/20, which granted me 3% extra crit, 3% extra hit, 25% extra mana on healing crits at the cost of 10% more expensive totems, 6 yards less lighting bolt range and 0.2 seconds longer shocks...

Build 1: Elemental Pure Raid Spec

The range is good but I can defiantly live without it, the shock delay of 0.2 seconds won't even be noticeable with lag, and 10% less mana from totems is like a difference between 25/15 mana, so its not really noticeable...more noticeable is that I have dropped my +hit from 75 to 40, and changed that 35 extra hit I was wearing for crit...

I still make up my 14% in spell hit which is apparently the most you can have anyway, its just I get 9% from talents and 3% from my totem..so I think its a good build, the reason I picked Ancestral Healing is, when I do throw heals in raids, its a chain heal, and due to my nice crit rating I can potentially, give 3 people, most likely the main tank / rogues or melee near him, 25% extra amour for 15 seconds..

I still stand by my other 2 builds for 2v2 Arena, and PVP Battle Grounds that I posted in the Poor Shammy link earlier this month.....

Soloing World Bosses

I was leveling up my mining in Blasted Lands, which is now at 273, nearly at the 300 mark, I reckon leveling past 300 won't be to hard...Anyways was mining and this big ass dragon jumped me..

he had 100k HP I didn't know that when I started fighting him how ever, I ended up burning superior mana pots, 2 superior health pots, both my pet totems and bloodlust, but I managed to kill him...He dropped 3 blue things called Flawless Draenethyst Sphere's...

Which you have to take to a guy called Kum'Isha in Blasted lands, and when you hand them in, he creates a rift portal for his buddies to get home, he also rewards you with a blue item...So I landed 3 items...

That should fetch me some nice gold off the AH :D The swords for sale for 15g-25g buyout, the pants I sold already to a guildie for 5g and the gloves are for sale for 4g, not to bad really..

Kaz Epics

I did a run of Kaz last night, I just went mainly for rep I had 2k rep to go to get the next stage of my ring from Violet Eye.

We do Kaz in 2 stages, we do sort of the first half on Thursday night and then clear the second half on Friday night, so the bosses we get on Thursday are Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, Maiden of Virtue, The Curator, and we do the Opera Event, which has a random boss, last night was The Big Bad Wolf.....I landed 3 epics from these fights, I got my Big Bad Wolf Head, which is great for PVP, and I landed some decent healing gear from Maiden..

Anyway, 45 green items dropped, 3 blue items dropped and 3 epics from trash, just clearing the first lot of trash and killing these bosses, I have never seen anything like it before...in every pull at least 1 item dropped....I've done entire runs of kaz and had maybe 3 items drop from trash all night...we had a nice epic cape drop, and some frost gloves drop, and I was yelling out loud in the instance to drop my ring, and it did !!

I also got to have the frost gloves, we had no frost mages in the run and I won the random roll for it...Frost Shock shammy FTW!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leveling Mining

Ok, I leveled my mining from 205 yesterday to 257, I was running around Burning Steppes and Badlands, collecting a few different types from beetween those levels, Iron Ore 190 (Badlands) / Mithril Ore 205 (Badlands) / Truesilver Ore 230 (Burning Steppes) / Dark Iron ore 240 (Burning Steppes) / Small Throium Vein 245 (Burning Steppes)

Now, Mithril is worth a fortune at the moment on my server, its really easy to find in Badlands, and is selling for 7-9g a stack on AH, and quickly to, so I made a fortune from selling that....Also Throium Ore and Truesilver Bars are selling for a fortune, a stack of Throium Ore is selling for 12-14g, and a stack of Truesilver Bars, is on the AH for 12-14g...I can't believe it, I had level 360 Leatherworking, and I changed to Mining to try and make money, so at the momnent I skin and mine, and I'm hoping that as I get this skill up I can run around Nangarad, mining and skinning everything in site....

I made over 100g yesterday just leveling my mining, and if the ore's at this lower level are selling for that much I can't imagine what the ores on Outlands are selling for....Its pretty awseom knowing that if a little yellow dot on your minimap appears, its going to be a quick easy 1-2g :P

Monday, July 9, 2007

Funny rolls :P

I mentioned earlier about downing Mag, I did a Heroic SP run as well, and only 2 people needed the Primal Nether at the end, take a look at these rolls made me laugh :D

Magtheridon Down!!

We finally downed Magtheridon, after 6 hours of wipes, we got coordinated enough to get him to 28% 3 times, and then on the 4th attempt downed him finally....So awseom...

Got lots of screen shots to show, he dropped 5 epixs which was pretty cool its a very fun fight...The T4 Chest for shamans drop which I really want, I didnt win thr roll though it was pretty funny...

The epic staff is awseom looking, this is what the staff and polearm look like, and what Happy would have looked like with the chest peice...

Yeh, we thought the winner was going to be our enhancement shaman with the first 90+ roll, we were surpised, always makes me laugh seeing someone be beaten with a roll higher then 90, the chances are so slim :P

I made 9th on dmg meter, which isn't to bad considering i was a clicker, which meant my damage was on and off, that plus the fact that I am no where near as geared as the mages and locks in my guild....I'm getting there though...

And yeh when you get mag's head and hand it in in Thallmar, you get a choice of 4 epic rings, they rings aren't very good for me I already have good rings, a healer class pickedup a nice ring though, and when you hand in the head its like Nefarian and Onixiya in Orgirmmar...his head is displayed....and you recive a buff :D Was a wicked sunday :D