Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Leveling Mining

Ok, I leveled my mining from 205 yesterday to 257, I was running around Burning Steppes and Badlands, collecting a few different types from beetween those levels, Iron Ore 190 (Badlands) / Mithril Ore 205 (Badlands) / Truesilver Ore 230 (Burning Steppes) / Dark Iron ore 240 (Burning Steppes) / Small Throium Vein 245 (Burning Steppes)

Now, Mithril is worth a fortune at the moment on my server, its really easy to find in Badlands, and is selling for 7-9g a stack on AH, and quickly to, so I made a fortune from selling that....Also Throium Ore and Truesilver Bars are selling for a fortune, a stack of Throium Ore is selling for 12-14g, and a stack of Truesilver Bars, is on the AH for 12-14g...I can't believe it, I had level 360 Leatherworking, and I changed to Mining to try and make money, so at the momnent I skin and mine, and I'm hoping that as I get this skill up I can run around Nangarad, mining and skinning everything in site....

I made over 100g yesterday just leveling my mining, and if the ore's at this lower level are selling for that much I can't imagine what the ores on Outlands are selling for....Its pretty awseom knowing that if a little yellow dot on your minimap appears, its going to be a quick easy 1-2g :P

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