Friday, July 13, 2007

Soloing World Bosses

I was leveling up my mining in Blasted Lands, which is now at 273, nearly at the 300 mark, I reckon leveling past 300 won't be to hard...Anyways was mining and this big ass dragon jumped me..

he had 100k HP I didn't know that when I started fighting him how ever, I ended up burning superior mana pots, 2 superior health pots, both my pet totems and bloodlust, but I managed to kill him...He dropped 3 blue things called Flawless Draenethyst Sphere's...

Which you have to take to a guy called Kum'Isha in Blasted lands, and when you hand them in, he creates a rift portal for his buddies to get home, he also rewards you with a blue item...So I landed 3 items...

That should fetch me some nice gold off the AH :D The swords for sale for 15g-25g buyout, the pants I sold already to a guildie for 5g and the gloves are for sale for 4g, not to bad really..

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