Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crazy crits....

I've bene building up full crit gear for my shammy, he has 13.75% crit chance at the moment unbuffed, with Wrath of air totem he has 16.75% crit, not I don't have much gear setup for my new spec, but its very exciting because the pictures of the crits I'm about to post are only going to get better and better as I get more geared for the spec.

My lighting spells also have an extra 11% critical strike chance on top of the 16.75%, so nearly 1 in 4 lighting bolts crit, thats 1 free spell every 4 spells, pretty much guaranteed. Whats really cool is when Lightning Overload proc's, boy can I dish out some serious damage when that happens. In the bottom picture, I have Mana Spring totem down, which ticks roughly 13 mana every 2 seconds, so all that damage happened in about 2 seconds time. Not that that happens every time but its very cool.

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