Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I've done a bit of PVP since the respec, and its heaps of fun, took me a while to learn how to use my new spec, but now its wicked, I've been smashing up the BG's even topping the chart a few times.

This one BG I was in a group with another elemental shaman, with Totem of Wrath and also in the group with a Moonkin druid. Moonkin druids give you 5% chance to crit with spells, on top of my Wrath totem, which is 3%, and the cool thing I found out is that Totem of Wrath stacks, so the other elemental shammy dropped one aswell, which gave 2x 3% spell crit totems and a 5% crit aura from the Moonkin Druid. MY LIGHTING BOLT CRIT WAS UP TO 36% IT WAS INSANE.

Shouldn't take long to get either my lvl70 BG Shoulders, or save up to get a new Spellblade.....Yesterday I run into a room, and the 3 ally toons in there had under 2k hp each, I Warstomp'd and pop'd elemental Mastery, my +150dmg trinket dropped wrath totem for +101 dmg, and got chain lighting off, 3x killing blows......was pretty funny!

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