Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WOW Update

So, been playing a fair bit of WoW lately, much to my wife's dismay. I have 500g at one stage and decided to respec and by a shield I was after. I have 3 pieces of my wishlist already. I've updated the one on my PC I need to upload it to the net, will do that when I get home and post a picture of the shield.

I spent 100g and only had 400g remaining, I seemed to be quite stuck at the 400g mark for a while hey. Anyway I managed to get the 900g I needed to get my flying mount, I went from 400g to 840g in 2 days of farming and questing hardcore in Shadowmoon Valley. There is a section there with lots of blood elves that you need to kill for one quest, I camped that area for about 4 hours just farming them. Got 8 Arcane Tomes and 60 Sunfury Rings, which are rep for Scyer people, I'm Aldor, so I sold them all on AH. And made an absolute killing.

So Yeah I got my flying mount Ill post a picture, I've also had a crack at Arena, which is cool me and my Friend Piko made a group called Coldies, we were drunk at the time.....

But yeh I respeced to Natures Swiftness instead of the 3% CRIT totem for this, and it was good in the fact me and him could nuke 1 person dead in a 2v2 comp fairly ez, but in battle grounds I was getting less score per kill with NS then with my 3% crit totem, so I have changed back. I can still hit up arenas, I think maybe a 3v3 arena would be better with the build I have now though, but I havent tryed since I changed back to the 3% crit totem, its heaps better then NS for raids and instance though. Oh also I got revered with Centurion Refuge, so now I have my heroic key for steamvault and underbog and slave pen, gonna try and pull a group together tonight for it that will be really fun :D

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