Friday, March 30, 2007

Shadow Labrynth down

I finally managed to get my first key for the Karazhan chain quest, I have done Shadow Labrynth 7 times and this time I finally got a full guild group, which pulvarized through it, I think its mainly the tanks that do it. Good tank, good healer good group, but in Shadow labrynth mainly, agro control is what its all about, so good tank meant me and the mage could go all out in DPS and we were all fine. We did the 3rd and 4th boss with no wipes in like 15minutes, and it took us 1.5hrs to get to the 3rd boss.

I managed to get a nice sheild from teh last boss aswell, called Silvermoon Crest Shield its not to bad, I need the +18 stamina enchant on it, but its pretty kool. Looks nice as well. Now I can finnally spend another 4 weeks trying to get a decent group to get my 2nd key fragment.

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