Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Progress in Leatherworking

Ok, so I've collected all 90 Heavy Knothide leather, 30 Cobra Scales, 80 Zherva Leather. The Zherva Leather was the worst part.... It took ages!! The drop rate sucks so bad....worst part about it is that you can't collect anything useful while farming them, with the snakes I was collecting Knothide and Cobra scales, and they were dropping greens that I could get disenchanted to make some decent money....

I was running round barrens using rank 4 Earth Shock, smashing them in 1 hit, but the drop rate was below 2%, I ended up screaming in general chat buying Zherva Leather for 1g each, had an army of player under 30 get my the last 25 bits of leather....

So last bit of my creation is to get 120 Primal Shadows, they are selling on my AH for 5-8g each. I'll buy any primal shadows under 5g, and use them to speed thing up a little, as I wanna get these items built and my Leatherworknig up so I can concentrate on farming the mats I need for the gear I want...


Stylin' Purple Hat

120 Primal Shadow
45 Rune Thread

Sell:1275 Gold @ 85g x 15

I've been watching the market closely, because I don't want to loose out on to much gold reselling the items, now the cobra scales fluctuate between 12g - 18g, I've got 12 for sale on AH for 15g bid at the moment 18g buyout, so I'll see how the sale of them goes, and keep an eye on them, I managed to sell 6 of them for 14g each...

30 scales @ the fluctuating prices are...
Scales = 540 @ 18g each
Scales = 450 @ 15g each
Scales = 360 @ 12g each

The Primal Shadows which I haven't farmed yet, are sitting for anywhere between 3g and 8g on AH, now most of them are sitting at 5g and heading up to 8g, and the ones at 3g are selling really fast, and no one will pay more then 8g for them.....

120 shadows @ the fluctuating prices are...
Shadows = 960 @ 8g each
Shadows = 600 @ 5g each
Shadows = 360 @ 3g each

Knothide is pretty standard price and hasn't changed for a long time, so I'll take the out of the equation, if I sell the hats I make at the highest prices going of the sale price of Shadows & Scales, considering they are most expensive mats, the prices look like this...

Estimate High Value 106g
Estimated Mid Value 76g
Estimated Low Value 54g

Considering what I've said, and the fact that most of the prices on AH have been seen at mid to high, I'm going to be aiming to sell each hat for 75-85g, also because of the fact that I farmed them and I will have lots for sale at the one time, this will mean if they all sell for 85g ill make a nifty 1275g for my farming efforts :D

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