Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pimpin Hat

I bought 205g worth of Primal Shadows, they are for sale on AH for 11g each, but they oviosuly aren't selling, I bargined down my Shadows to 5g each, ended up with 41, which was enough to make 5 hats, I sold 2 over about 4 hours of yelling in trade for 90g each, and put 3 on AH for 85-90g, so we'll see how we go, I have enoguh mats excluding the Primal Shadows to make 10 more hats, I can take my time selling them and creating them, cause I want the gold from them just as much as the leatherworking levels....

So I basically need 79 more Primal Shadows and I'm done, can move to the next type of item to get closer to that treturous 375 mark!

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