Friday, August 3, 2007

Mindlbade NNOO!!

The Mindblade dropped yesterday, I was outrolled!! OMG sucks, now it won't drop for ever again, never mind, maybe next time!

I've been working on my Leatherworking, and have decided its less important this this stage to make money selling the items, as it is to basically just craft them and get my skill up, so I've dropped the price right down, 65-70g for the sale of the hats, or actually I may have put them on for 60-65g, so hopefully they sell quickly, and I'll be farming shadows like mad, only have 62 to go, they drop fairly good in Hellfire.

So it might take a whole couple of night farming but once thats done I can move to the other patterns and get my gear mad, thats going to make a huge difference and help.....

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