Thursday, August 2, 2007

World of Warcraft : Wrath of the Lich King

Could all be fake, but guess we'll find out tommorow, apparently the release of this will be showen at Blizzcon on the 3rd of August, I do think that the fact that saying forbidden instead of not found is a pretty good lead that effort to at least make a webpage has been done....

Pretty exciting anywayz!


Chris said...

So what is inscription?

Inscription is a new tradeskill; summarized as "Enchanting for your spells and abilties". How the profession works has not yet been explained, but apparently this adds new effects and/or improves your abilities.

Mentioned were increased haste rating, increased damage/healing, increased crit rating, increased range, and adding a knockback effect to a spell.

So what are Deathknights?

Deathknights are the first hero class, to be introduced with the expansion.

Creating a deathknight works as thus: Once you hit 80, you are given the option to do a new quest chain, comparable in difficulty to the "old warlock epic mount quest". Once you complete this you are given the option to create a deathknight character. Your old character is not "replaced" by the deathknight; and this is not paladin-specific; anyone can do this. Also confirmed is that any race can be a deathknight.

Deathknights start high-leveled already- 55ish at the minimum; 80 as the maximum (unconfirmed exactly what level). There are no exceptions; there will be no level 1 deathknights.

Deathknights are a tanking/DPS hybrid; sort of an "antipaladin". Also confirmed is that deathknights do not use shields; they tank with a 2h/by DWing.

The ability to summon undead minions is confirmed, though Death Knights are not a pet class and this is more of a treant/shadowfiend type of ability.

Deathknights do not use mana, rage, or energy. Instead they have a "rune system". When you are out of combat, you can switch your active runes around a few types; you have 6 rune slots. Abilities will put certain rune types on cooldowns or may even use multiple runes. Thus, what runes you choose affect how your deathknight plays in combat.

EDIT: Additionally, Deathknights are not superior to the existing classes - this is a common misconception going around right now. They're different, but they are not better.

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