Thursday, February 1, 2007


Did a run last night in Underbog, we had a 66 Druid as the tank, 2 mages 67 and 64 and a lock 62 plus me 64 shammy. We did alright, hard to do a 3hr or so instance with a little one. I had to stop a lot to feed the baby, change the baby, look after the baby, settle the baby, dress the baby. But he's worth it. We got pali loot from 2 bosses, and didnt have anyone to DE either so I ended up winning the rolls for both of them and vendored them.

Its a pretty awseom instance, very fun, but one thing I noticed is you can't skin anything in there. I have no idea why that happened to us, the herabilsts could get herbs from the bog creature things, but me and the other skinner couldn't skin the bats.

I've got rested XP to 65 now, and am half way through 64 just from running that instance. So ill probably run another one tonight if I get time and try and hit 65, and maybe get some shammy loot in the process. I socketed a shoulder peice I had aswell with +6 int and +5 dmg to give me +1 dmg / +2 int / +1 sta more then before.

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