Tuesday, February 20, 2007

70 is the Beginning

I've been reading posts all over the net, about what people playing their toons are going to do once the hit the level 70 mark, and can't level their toons any more. I believe that 70 is the start of WoW, not the end of it, the system is designed to knock out players who can't play the game very well and leave behind the hardkore players as they have been named.

Reaching level 70 is not a challenge, leveling a toon is not a challenge in the game, anyone with a heart beat and 2 arms can do it, the quests details are displayed in web pages all over the net, with coordinates detailing what, when and where to kill things to complete quests. It's not difficult, the only thing separating players from reaching level 70 now and later is game play time, and that's not a dramatic issue.

If you hit 70 now or later it won't make any difference to you being invited to end game content, if your a good player, you won't get left behind, if your a good player your guild will recognize this and they will help you become attuned to each and every raid they need you in.

Guilds pick players to join them in raid based on a few things, items and player class skill. Leveling is a bi-product of the game, you need to be level 70 to get an invite.

A level 70 shaman (resto) who is no good at the game won't get an invite over a level 70 shaman (resto) who doesn't over agro, who keeps the tank alive, who does the right things and can follow instructions when trying new things. The same goes for any class. TBC is all new, if you can't follow instructions, or are just to dumb, or not skilled enough to do them, you don't get invited. Its as simple as that.

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