Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Level 65!

I know I haven't posted in a while, I've been flat out organising my wedding / bux night etc.....but I managed to get some play time in last night and finally hit 65, got roughly 160g at the moment as well, so well on my way of getting 150 riding skill. I'll be saving gold from here on in for that exact reason.

I put my new talent point into 1% extra damage in the elemental section, so by the time I'm 69 I'll have 5% extra damage to spells. And the last point I'll be using will either be 1% extra crit with weapons or 8% extra stats from Grace of Air and Strength of Earth totems. The new Strength of Earth totem gives me +86 strength at the moment, its pretty hardkore. Wrath of Air is by far the best new totem shammys get, I absolutely love it, been hitting crazy doing crazy crits....

Any spell that can hit 1836 damage at level 64 is great in my opinion, especially if its my own. Not only has my lighting bolts been great, but my healing has been spot on as well, I've been able to solo heal in many instances and can't wait to get my next healing wave, I think that's at 66. The biggest crit heal I have done is a 4.3k that was at 64 mind you, and apparently a couple of my guildies who are level 70 shammys have hit 5.2k healing crits before with roughly +500 healing.

My rested xp is 4 bubbles from the end of 66, so getting to 66 shouldn't take long. Can't WAIT!!

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