Saturday, February 10, 2007

66 & Epic

I hit 66 last night, finally and it opens up a ton of stuff to you, the difference in my opinion from 65 to 66 is huge, I don't know if its just that I am over the half way mark to 70, or if the spells I got made a difference, but its awesome anyway.

I got the next rank of Lesser Healing Wave, which now crits for around 2.4k, which is pretty good for a 1.5 second heal. And I got my elemental totem, which has saved my ass more then once I can tell you. I though he would be like a pet you could control, but he actually stands around where you place the totem, so what I've been doing is pulling 4 or 5 mobs to me, dropping my elemental and casting Earth Shield on him, and healing him to keep him alive, while I DoT the mobs and drop my Magma Totem, and just aoe them all down.

Good for quests where you need to kill 10 mobs or so, can complete them fairly easy now. The elemental on a 20minute timer though, but I can't see any reason why elite missions aren't solo able by a shaman now. It has a 20minute cool down, but that's fine, I cranked him out in a PVP game last night I thought I'd have a go at as well and he pulverized a lvl 68 druid.

I know that's I've been talking allot about Clefthoof Amour Kits, but they are fantastic, I searched high and low for mats of the AH and bought enough to make 5 kits, I managed to sell all 5 kits for between 80g and 100g within roughly 4 hours in Orgirmmar yelling in the trade window. It was awesome, gave me enough money to buy my 150 riding skill for 540g, and I had AV tokens to pickup a Black Raptor for my Tauren :D He looks cool, I was tempted to get the Black War Kodo, but I have always wanted a Raptor.

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