Sunday, February 11, 2007

67 and Still Leveling

I hit 67 this morning, my toon now has roughly 7.5k hp and mana, I've got some serious saving to go before I can get my flying mount trained and things after spending it all on getting my epic riding skills, but I think I might just have enough by the time I hit 70, I gained roughly 100g today just doing some quests and selling items at 67.

I got a group of guildies together and ran Sethekk Halls, we had 4 67's and a 68 druid as the tank. I was the healer, this is seriously a hard instance. The mobs are in close groups, they fear and they hit really really hard. The first boss in the instance is harder then the end boss in my opionion. I would love to run this instance again, I want the Two Handed Axe (Crow Wing Reaper) that drops from Talon King Ikiss, hes the end boss.

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