Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The reason I have changed my shaman tree to include the talent flurry is because, with enough equipment and the level 70 spell bloodlust, I figured out I can get my 3.6 second two handed mace (The Oathkeeper) down to a .11 second cast time.

If flurry procs, from a critical strike, it increases my weapon speed by 30%, when flurry is up if I pop bloodlust, that increases all attacks / spells buy another 35%, that's 65%, now this alone will make my weapon speed 1.26 seconds.

To get my weapon speed right down to the amazingly overpowered 0.11 second cast time I need to luckily get hold of (Abacus of Violent Odds) which is dropped by Pathaleon the Calculator in the instance called Tempest Keep - The Mechanar, the trinket has a chance on hit, similar to flurry to add 260 to haste rating, haste rating is approximately 15.8 haste to 1%, so that's 16% increase to my weapon on top of the already 65%, it also an ability to use the trinket as well with another 260 to haste rating, so your looking at a possible 32% from this trinket on top of the 65% that's a total of 97% reduction in weapon speed. THIS WILL BE OVERPOWERED, can't wait!!

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