Thursday, February 15, 2007


68 Finally, so excited, I hit it in Sekketh Halls last night, I'm still chasing my Crow Wing Reaper from Talon King Ikiss. I've done 4 runs now and have worked out how to pulverize this instance hands down now. Talon King Ikiss has been the hardest to beat, we couldn't work out a start to down him without interupting his AOE spell, then we realised that behind each pillar in his room the spell doesn't harm you its LOS, so now hes very easy to kill. But the spell is crazy look at the sheer damage is does if you get in the way of it.

I went back to Orgrimmar after this run and got my new spells and had a quick glance at my new Fire Elemental, I thought I would be able to summon the Fire and Earth elemental at the same time but you can't which sucks, but its still fairly good.

At this rate when I hit 70 in two levels Ill have over 8k in mana and health, and that's providing I don't find any better items to use. I really really really want my Crow Wing Reaper, I think Ill keep running the instance until I get it hey. I've been picking Druids as the MT over Warriors, kinda because Druids won't need to roll on the Axe if it drops, but also because they seem to be better tanks. The have insane amounts of HP and attack power and amour, I seriously think Druids are the next MT....

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