Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lower City Rep

So I've been hitting up Shadow Labs, and Sekketh Halls, to try and get my rep up with lower city, I prefer doing Slabs because as I progress through that Marks of Sargeras drops and thats Aldor rep as well....So I'm essentially hitting two birds with one stone...

I never thought that I would ever need anything for a normal slabs, but behold, I managed to land myself a new necklace..The run I was doing it with, the group were all heroic deck'd so we pulvarized through slabs, in a matter on minutes...I think the quickest we did it was 39 minutes, so it was good rep really....and I was the only aldor of the group, so they were handing me all the marks..

I managed to gain roughly 10k with aldor and 9k with lower city, which yeh leaves 12k left with lower city to get my mace...all I need to do then I get +40 wepon damage enchant on it and Ill have an extra 38 dmg..

It was a fun run of slabs all and all, and I meet a mage who showed me something new, the Zealots in the instance turn to a kind of dog, that looks Urrvos in Shadowmoon Valley, the mage can spell steal them and transfor themselfs, pretty funny :D

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